❤️ Shopify Dropshipping to $15,000/Day: 👉 ❤️ I'm revealing my top secrets to success with dropshipping. This story will give away the REAL way to hit 6 figures online, and it's not what you think or want to hear. READ OBERLO'S VERSION BELOW: In January 2018, I quit my 9-5 job to become a full-time dropshipper. Any regrets? Absolutely not. I was in pain. I was putting in too much effort into work, with not enough pay in return. I found a blessing in disguise, a way out with dropshipping. It wasn't easy as everyone marketed it to be. Thus, I fell into a trap of failure. As I kept trying to get out, push money into ads, I kept falling into more failure traps. Then I realized some huge changes I needed to make... Cut the people out of my social life who were dragging me down. Accept being alone. Then, discipline myself to work. I had to push towards doing the tasks I was not normally comfortable with. There are plenty of ways to make money online. Stick with one to get good at it, then create and follow a schedule. Procrastination was something I grew up with. Something I was so used to because I was doing it for many years throughout middle school, high school, and my college university. I forced myself to get things done immediately. Now how do you hit success? Let's look at your goal, start at the end, and work backwards. If you want to make $100,000 we need people buying products from our store. To get people to buy, we need them to visit our store. To get visitors to the store, we need to do marketing. Most use Facebook ads. Let's break down the math: $100,000 ➡️ 5,003 people buying a $19.99 product Ok, so how do we get those 5,003 hungry customers? The fastest, easiest, (but not cheapest) way to do this is with Facebook ads. And strategies are not what we should be focusing on in the beginning. BUT, if you do want a strategy then check out my hour-long tutorial on how to launch and scale Facebook & Instagram ads below: Here's how to win ads: 1) Find a winning product (Yes, these are real and it's proven some products sell better than others.) 2) It doesn't stop there because next, we find a winning creative. To save yourself high ad costs, before uploading your videos, ask yourself... 1) Will a large audience say "I really want to buy this right now so badly!" 2) Will my video go viral? (If you don't know, then quit living under a rock and study social media! Not what your friend is eating for lunch, but figuring out why specific posts get thousands of likes, shares, and comments, and millions of views.) 3) Is my advertisement better than the competitions' ads? USE COMMON SENSE. In summary: Do sharpen your skills & strategies, but also discipline yourself. #eCom #shopify #dropshipping #winningproducts #facebookads Hey, my name is Matt Riley. Facebook Ads Course, Strategies, Targeting, & Scaling : 👉 How to Find Winning Products + Sell These Now : 👉 Shopify Store Setup, Design, & Tips : 👉 Dropshipping Suppliers With Fast Shipping : 👉 ___ - 💰 I help eCom businesses start & scale to $10,000/day without losing money HERE: ⚠️ ALL PAID COURSE SIGNUPS ARE NOW FULL.dropshipping secrets