What is your opinion on changing allegiances when it comes to your sports teams? : sports

I grew up in Southern California and I’ve been a die-hard Clippers and Dodgers fan for over 20 years now. But, when it came to football, I really didn’t start enjoying/watching until late high school and early college. By then, I already hated the local teams (Chargers/49ers/Raiders) so I became a Redskins fan and I’ve stuck with them for the past 10-12 years. After heartbreaks, poor management, and terrible draft decisions, I’ve considered abandoning my team. In 2015, I relocated to New Orleans and have had the enjoyment of attending multiple Saint’s games. The fans are amazing, the games are fun to both pre-game and attend on a regular basis. Not only that, but since they’re more successful, its more fun to watch their games and hear from their fans. The whole experience of being a Saints fan, just in the last 3 years, has been a hell of a lot more fun than being a Redskins fan.

Have you ever changed allegiances to a sports team (NFL/NBA/NHL/Soccer)? How would you feel if someone you knew changed teams?

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