19th greatest moment of rivalry between India and England-English

With just only eight days to go for one of the most awaited series between England and India, SportsFlashes brings you another memorable incident of rivalry between India and England.

#19th – Zaheer Khan’s jelly bean incident

The pink jelly bean incident happened with Zaheer Khan is one of the most ill-famed incident took place during the second Test of the 2007 series at Trent Bridge, England.

Jelly beans have been throwing around Zaheer Khan at the crease when he walked in to bat.

Zaheer was really exhausted with this thing and felt insulted with what the England’s players were doing and later had an argument with Kevin Pietersen while batting.

England, who were hoping to put Zaheer off his game, ended up playing a part in what should end as a memorable Indian Test win, as it triggered Zaheer to bowl even better and he followed this incident with a 5-wicket haul in the second innings, helping India win the game.

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