Your Modern-Day Glamping Essentials (and Non-Essentials) Guide

The topic of the great outdoors elicits some pretty strong feelings. For the most part, you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone opposed to a grand stretch of forest and fresh country air (only made better by the wafting smells of s’mores over an open campfire).

Taking it all in for the day is one thing, but camping overnight? Well, that’s quite another. Even Food52’s own Co-Founder Amanda Hesser, who grew up in the woods of Pennsylvania happily collecting salamanders and climbing rocks, prefers the creature comforts at night.

“I buy into the romance of camping and there’s nothing I love more than well-made, niche gear, but as someone with a full schedule, when I do have time off, the idea of packing up a bunch of equipment and food, and transporting it to a less convenient environment, taking time to recreate some semblance of a settlement, only to deconstruct and pack it all up again within a few days, seems, I don’t know—tiring,” she explained. “Plus there’s the anxiety of where I’ll bathe or go to the bathroom. Who needs that kind of worry on your time off?!”

Ditto on all points for this gal, who prefers glamping (glamorous camping) and the après-hike aspect of camping than actual camping itself (though this snuggle-friendly sleeping bag may just change my tune). I enjoy the convenience of a pre-pitched tent, furnished cabin, or even a yurt, while watching beans simmering in beautiful enamelware over a fire I likely did not start myself. But different strokes!

Whether you’re a legitimate camper or a bonafide glamper, you’re bound to need supplies. We’ve gathered up some of our favorites below. Some are less essential than others, we’ll admit, but it’s all in the name of appreciating downtime with Mother Nature in our own way. Just don’t forget the bug repellent.

Are you a traditional camper or modern-day glamper? We’d love to know your favorite supplies for a night out in the woods—please share them with us in the comments!

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