Noodle Around with These 8 Fun & Crafty Summer Projects

Whether it’s a stormy day or just too hot to leave the air conditioning, one fun way to keep yourself occupied (and productive) this summer is with DIY projects.

Even if you’re not “crafty,” hear us out!

You don’t have to be a whiz with the sewing machine or an amateur carpenter to create beautiful projects. All you need is a free afternoon and a little bit of patience to make these eight Pinterest-worthy crafts—all of which will come in handy during your many summer adventures.

Why use a boring cooler when you can keep your wine chilled in a stunning floral ice bucket? This project from Sugar and Charm will be a great centerpiece for your next summer gathering, and it’s truly easy to make. All you need are two inexpensive buckets, some rocks, fruits and flowers, and a can-do attitude. Plus, you can customize the items you freeze into the bucket to change the color and aesthetic of the final product.

Take your summer tote bag from boring to brilliant with this easy tutorial from A Beautiful Mess. Just gather some brightly-colored raffia—a type of ribbon you can get at any craft store—and a needle to create these beautiful flowers on a woven bag. No sewing experience is needed for this easy project, and you’re sure to get plenty of compliments when you carry your newly upgraded tote around town.

This is a super fun, easy project that’s perfect for the whole family. The tutorial from Studio DIY will show you how to make these cute fruit-themed storage baskets with the help of a little felt and fabric paint. They’d look positively adorable in your kids’ rooms or even on your patio as a storage spot for extra pillows or blankets.

Terra-cotta pots are a favorite for many gardeners, but they can be a little boring to look at. However, with this summer DIY project from Erin Spain, you can bring a little extra pizzazz to your favorite pots, giving them a stripe of color and beautiful gold speckles. You can really make the project your own by switching up the colors or how far you dip the pots.

Need a new table runner for your summer barbecues? This unique project from Build Basic uses paint sticks to make a surprisingly beautiful cover for any table. All you need are a bunch of paint sticks (you can usually get them for free at home improvement or paint stores), paint in your favorite color, and some burlap to create this impressive table runner. We can totally see a red, white, and blue version of it being used on Independence Day!

While you’re decking out your patio for the ultimate summer bash, why not make a few coasters to match your new table runner? This DIY project from The Cottage Mama uses tiles and scrapbook paper to make coasters that are super easy to personalize.

Take your napkins from drab to fab with this simple project from The Sweetest Occasion. With the help of a sponge and some fabric paint, you can create these adorable watermelon napkins. It’s a fun craft for kids to help out with, and you could even use the same technique to create a matching tablecloth, if you’re so inclined.

This project may look complicated, but it’s really not, we promise! This outdoor bench from Modern Chemistry at Home is made from cinder blocks and a few pieces of lumber, and it’s really just a matter of assembling them to create a cute, functional outdoor bench. You can even customize your creation by painting the blocks or the lumber. It’s truly an easy way to add extra seating to your patio or lawn.

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What crafty projects are you working on this summer? Let us know below!


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