Wow I’m so angry!

So I was recently at a Bitcoin Meetup in Austin, TX with a Software/Engineer giving a talk about being a Bitcoin Maximalis.

I followed his arguments along with regards to Bitcoin's scarcity properties, and Lightning Network and payment channels. And how it's supposed to be digital gold.

And I got really angry!

During the Q&A session: I just kept thinking that I wanted to put my hand up and say something like:

'Well despite disparaging Bitcoin Cash as Bcash, if it's (BTC) supposed to be money for the 21st century then how come I can't even use it without paying huge fees? It seems to me like it's money designed for the plutocracy i.e. those who can afford fees, payment channels and the like; where is the innovation in that? I thought we already had that system in place with our current banking system.'

Instead of raising my hand though I just left the building, as you can't fight fire with fire. I went home and bought more Bitcoin Cash; and hell yeah I 'm gonna keep sending $1 worth of BCH out to everyone I meet who shows even a slight modicum of interest using Cointext, an app that could have only been built on BCH, not BTC, which is too expensive to use!! I'm gonna write more coin analyses on which was built with BCH because it's easy and fun to use.

I'm kind of sad that such smart software engineers could be so adamant about the vaporware Lightning Network, and Segwit (which actually lowers security and opens the door to mining cartels).

Anyway thanks for listening to my rant.. I know in the end the truth will win; hopefully it will be BCH and uncensorable cash for everybody. Or else what's the point!

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