We are offering a 1 BCH Bounty for a Bitbox app : btc

Hi Guys,

The team at Bitcoin Cash Stress Test are working hard to bring you a really easy way to participate in the upcoming network stress test (scheduled for September 1) and would like to announce that we have had a very generous offer of 1BCH for a bounty to create a Bitbox app that can create 1000 BCH transactions for 0.003 BCH or less.

The condition is that this needs to be a web app that runs on all devices and which gives people participating in the test an easy way to load small amounts of BCH for dispatch onto the network.

If you have any questions, either reply to this thread or jump onto memo.cash and join the stresstestbitcoin.cash group. You can also visit stresstestbitcoin.cash for more information!

This is me on MEMO

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