No transactions are showing on my Blockchain page

I’m new to this but I know how to use the request button on BlockChain to receive money? The Bitcoin was sent to the address I provided and I didn’t get it. I’ve received money before and sent money and none of this is showing. Transactions aren’t even showing on my blockchain home page. I’ve always used the same email address. There is always change in my Blockchain account and that not there is either. I done this over may 7times probably and never had an issue. Was I hacked? The day I requested the money I thought it was odd that no change was in there because there is always 95 cent to 50 cents in the blockchain. Because the money was sent 10 days ago. The company sent me all the information and I’ve never had any issue before with blockchain. Can somebody help? NO TRANSACTIONS are showing up in my whole time using blockchain and I find that odd.

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