How Khloe’s Helping Him Cope With Online Trolls – Hollywood Life

Tristan Thompson’s been taking a verbal beating online ever since his infidelity hit the news. And, the trolling has continued throughout his rocky playoffs performance. See the clutch advice Khloe’s given him that’s helped changed him!

Just call her superwoman! Khloe Kardashian, 33, has stepped up to help Tristan Thompson, 27, get his head on straight as the Cavaliers are 0-2 against the Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals series. Despite his numerous infidelities, Khloe knows this is his livelihood, and part their daughter’s, which is why she’s telling him her own secrets to coping with internet trolls. “Her message to Tristan is to try to avoid the scrutiny at all costs,” a source close to the couple tells EXCLUSIVELY. “Sure, that doesn’t happen all the time, but Tristan has certainly subdued anything he would love to say because he knows the fallout from it all if he were to respond.” Khloe’s made him realize that in order to focus on what really matters, he needs to block out the haters.

Tristan has seen his fair share of trolling and hate from people online over various things from being with Khloe, to the recent cheating scandal, and how well or how bad he plays on the court. “There is pretty much always something out there and it used to really mess with him,” the insider says. “But, the one person who has got him to handle it better is Khloe, who gets so much internet trolling herself that she is probably one of the best people to learn from.” Therefore, despite their relationship woes, Khloe has been there for Tristan because she’s usually on the receiving end of internet bullying.

Ultimately, “Tristan just wants to win and is gearing up for Game 3,” the source reveals. “His outlook the next few days is focusing on how to beat the Celtics and get a few steps closer to an NBA Championship. That is his mindset right now.”

The Cavs are scheduled to play the C’s in Cleveland on Saturday, May 19. It’ll be a nice change of pace for the Cavs to get on their home court so they can hopefully take home a win for the first time in the conference finals. The C’s currently lead the series 2-0.

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