The Danger of Pets in Hot Cars

During the summer season, we see temperatures elevate and spike into distressing figures. It can be an alarming time for pets during these hot months. Pets left in hot cars are seen too often, and the effects can be catastrophic. Here are some facts and prevention tips in regards to pets in hot cars. Hot […]

Common Misconceptions about Cats

Image source: Cats are very interesting pets in that they are quite hard to read. They are rather mysterious and communication with cats can be very confusing. This is why it is very easy to form misconceptions about cats. Owners have a hard time figuring out whether their cats are happy or sad, healthy, […]

Dr. John Howe Selected As AVMA President-Elect

The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) House of Delegates (HOD) has elected Dr. John Howe, Grand Rapids, Minn., as the organization’s president-elect. As president-elect, he will assist the president and substitute for the president when necessary, preside over all sessions of the HOD and serve as a voting member of the AVMA Board of Directors. […]

AVMA Announces New 2018 Volunteer Leaders at Convention

AVMA has new volunteer leaders for AVMA councils and committees. During the American Veterinary Medical Association’s (AVMA) annual convention, the AVMA House of Delegates (HOD) selected 19 new volunteer leaders.  Member volunteers are a critical aspect of the AVMA’s member-driven mission to meet the goals of the veterinary profession. Any voting AVMA member can volunteer, […]

A Pain in the Neck for Pickle: Finding Relief in Insurance

I would like to thank Trupanion for paying 90% of Pickle’s surgery. I seriously would be working three jobs right now to pay off his medical bills if it wasn’t for them. To Trupanion team members: Thank you for listening. Thank you for providing awesome service. Thank you for being so caring. Thank you for […]

Austin Pets Alive! Diamond’s Cushing’s Disease Test

July 13, 2018 • Diamond’s Cushing’s Disease Test by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Diamond is a sweet little old lady who needs our help. This almost 14-year-old senior drinks a lot of water and consequently urinates a lot, which can be a symptom of an adrenal disease called Cushing’s disease. Luckily, Cushing’s […]

Caring for a Pregnant Cat

Image Source: Is your cat expecting? If you’re a new cat parent, this can be a cause of major distress. Perhaps, you waited too long to spay your cat or maybe you adopted it. Breeding a cat is not a cakewalk and does not come recommended for those with little knowledge of […]