Host a Family and Pet-Friendly Super Bowl Party

The big game is here and we’re ready to celebrate with our friends, family, and furry friends. As kick-off approaches, are you ready to host a stellar family and pet-friendly Super Bowl party? Before you invite everyone over, make sure you have ample space, treats, and ways to entertain all who are attending the party. […]

Austin Pets Alive! Femoral Head Osteotomy for Mave

February 1, 2019 • Femoral Head Osteotomy for Mave by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Sweet, sweet Mave has already been through so much in her short two years of life. This kind soul desperately needs an FHO to relieve her of the pain of her luxated hip. She is also on board […]

Critical Surgery and Care for Dempsey

Our two-year-old boxer mix, Dempsey, required critical surgery for a retropharyngeal abscess just weeks after enrolling with Trupanion’s insurance. Being recently enrolled, we were unsure if we would have difficulty filing a claim due to the newness of her policy. However, Trupanion worked directly with our veterinary center and paid all claims quickly and without […]

Dogs And Urinary Catheterization

Image source: Veterinarians are entrusted to do urinary catheterization in canines. A catheter of plastic tube is placed into the penile urethra or the vulva urethra of the dog. This procedure is used often to diagnose and also treat the underlying problems bugging the animal’s urinary tract system. Outcomes One of the aims of […]

Pets and Polar Vortex 2019: Five Safety Essentials

Pet safety is an utmost concern every winter and it seems that each year the U.S. and Canada is faced with extreme weather. As households prepare for the next round of extended, cold winter storms, we wanted to provide safety essentials for pets and polar vortex 2019.  Moreover, as freezing temperatures and ice storms are […]

Building Cat Shelves

Image source: Cats love nothing more than climbing things and exploring them. They love to investigate anything new. This is the reason you should buy or make shelves specifically for your cat. Your kitty will keep busy for hours. Cat shelves are ideal not only for the cat but also for yourself too. You […]

Five Family and Pet-Friendly Bucket List Adventures

Have you been putting off taking your dream vacation with your best mate? Does each year go by without trying a new adventure with your pup? We’ve got five New Year pet-friendly bucket list adventures that are a must-do for your 2019 travel itinerary. From rolling hills to snow-capped mountains, prepare to jet-set to paradise […]

Dogs And Binocular Vision

Many pet owners ask veterinary ophthalmologists if their pets see well enough. The act of seeing is a blend of multiple factors like the perception of depth, field of view, perception of motion, color differentiation, and acuity. The brain integrates all these to generate a useful vision. Even though it is impossible to […]