Blue: More than Just the Little Things

I fell in love with Blue when I saw his face online, just days after my husband passed away. After weeks of wonderful care from Tracy Rivers of Rescue Dogs Rock, I adopted Blue exactly one month from the date I’d lost my husband. I took Blue to my veterinarian for a checkup to find […]

Dog Writers Association of America Contest Closes Online Sept 8

There’s still time to enter the Annual Dog Writers Association of America Contest. Journalists and authors can compete for a total of $15,950 in special awards. The Dog Writers Association of America announced the opening of the annual writing contest July 9, 2018. Journalists, authors, bloggers, photographers, illustrators and editors can compete in a variety of […]

Timely Treatment for Saki and Portia

I am a Trupanion fan! Six years ago when I adopted my new puppy, Portia, I also had a nine-year-old dog, Saki. I insured both dogs with Trupanion and I am so happy I did. Saki was healthy her whole life until a couple of years ago, she was not feeling well. I took her […]

Teaching your dog to perform household chores

Image Source: You can teach your dog to help you around the house. Your dog can wake you and other family members in the morning, close an open toilet, and dust with feather dusters. It can mop the floor and take out the trash. It can turn on the air-conditioner and the […]

How To Treat Ringworms In Cats

Image Source: Ringworm is a generic term given to any fungal infection formed in the skin’s superficial layers. It also affects the nails and the hairs of your kitty. This disease can happen in multiple animal species, humans included. Appearance The name “ringworm” comes from the fungal infection’s appearance. It takes the shape of […]

How to protect your light colored fur cat from sunburn?

Image Source: Sunburn is a big risk for cats with light colored fur. Many cat owners do not know this as their cats rarely venture outside. This does not mean indoor cats are protected from the harmful effects of the sun as sunlight may stream in through windows and other openings. Fair skinned cats […]

Top 10 Recommended Pet-Friendly Vacation Spots

As summer winds down we dream of vacation and wish to jet-set off to one last getaway. It is always wonderful to know of fun places where you can take your pets on retreat. The escape vibe is real – so grab your suitcase, pack the doggy bags because we’re going on a vacay. We […]

Megan Peters First Millenial Named Germinder20 Power of Pink Honoree

Mom Blogger, Photographer + Writer, Activist + Advocate Has Arrived! Germinder + Associates has named Millennial mom blogger, writer, activist and photographer Megan Peters, Founder of August Light Studio, as the ninth #Germinder20 #PowerofPink Honoree to receive the award. The designation comes as Germinder sponsors Global Animal Health Week with Peters participating with Germinder in […]

PR Maven Turned Photographer Turned Activist & Mom Blogger

Mom blogger, writer, photographer and activist Megan Peters, Founder of August Light Studio is the first Millennial #Germinder20 #PowerofPinkHonoree. She’s also the first internal Germinder Honoree. She joined Germinder + Associates as an intern and quickly rose to become an indispensable account executive. We’ve subsequently worked together as she launched her own firm. We now […]

The KC Pet Project Germinder20 Power of Pink Donation

The KC Pet Project is a 501c3, nonprofit charitable organization operating the Kansas City, Missouri Animal Shelter. The organization cares for over 10,000 animals a year and works collaboratively with Animal Control and other animal welfare organizations to increase the number of homeless pets adopted, and focus on lifesaving programs promoting pet retention, identification, lost […]