Five Ways Pets Exhibit Kindness on a Daily Basis

Pets have the incredible ability to bring immense happiness and joy to our life. It seems no matter what day or time, they are always ready to greet the day (and us) with a wagging tail. Our pets truly exhibit kindness every day. Even in the direst of situations, like a pet sitting in an […]

A Salute to Service: Providing On-Going Care for our Veterans

  Each November, we take time to honor those who have served their countries, in times of peace and conflict, by reflecting on the sacrifices they have made. Often our Veterans return from service forever changed. One important way to help provide long-term, rehabilitative care, for a wide range of challenges is to match a […]

A Saving Grace For Bear

We adopted Bear (official name- Sir Bearrington) in March ‘17. He was the first animal my husband and I adopted together- we held out for “the one”. He was 1 year old, 20 lbs. overweight, didn’t know how to play and had never walked on a leash. I had never used pet insurance, but had […]

Austin Pets Alive! Pico’s TPLO Surgery

November 9, 2018 • Pico’s TPLO Surgery by Katera Berent • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Silly, playful little Pico. This 1 and a half year old does not like being told that running around isn’t good for her! She enjoys playgroup and walks, but unfortunately limps in her hind legs; we believe her ACLs are torn and […]

The Nocturnal Habits of Cats You Should Know About

Image source: As a pet parent, you hardly get a good snooze at night. You are not alone. Nocturnal cat behavior makes sleeping impossible. Cats are like this for no fault of their own. It’s genetics. The biological clock of your kitty is pushed to “active” all through the night. The instinct appears in […]

What is a Pet Behavioral Program and Does Your Office Need One?

Across the globe, more companies are embracing pet in the workplace policies. We couldn’t be more excited, because we think pets enhance any work environment. Trupanion HQ has more than 325 four-legged friends in office, which is a lot of barking and pet fur around our workspace. When you have so many pets working in one […]

Austin Pets Alive! Amelia’s TPLO Surgery

November 7, 2018 • Amelia’s TPLO Surgery by Katera Berent • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Look at that happy face! Amelia is a 5-year-old sweetheart who doesn’t let her injuries dampen her spirits. Amelia has been lucky enough to find her forever home, but to make it official we need to get her surgery done first. […]

Austin Pets Alive! Pamela Anderson’s FHO Surgery

November 6, 2018 • Pamela Anderson’s FHO Surgery by Lindsey Picard • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Pamela Anderson was brought to a nearby shelter after she was hit by a car, and immediately rushed to our APA! Clinic to receive emergency care. When she arrived, our clinic team found that she was suffering from a […]

The Power of Pink Celebration at NY Vet in New York City and then….

We’ve come full circle — almost. It’s early November and we still have some online announcements to make regarding the #Germinder20 #PowerofPinkHonorees, but we couldn’t resist the scene with our NY Vet pink friends and the fabulous friendly venue as our last veterinary show to say, hey, it’s been a great year celebrating our Germinder20 […]