Competition for Land and Water Fuels Violence in Nigeria

ABUJA, Nigeria — Clashes between armed herdsmen and farmers in Nigeria are escalating to increasingly violent episodes as a battle for scarce resources stirs long-held tensions over religion and ethnicity. By some estimates the clashes have taken more than 500 lives this year. In recent days, at least 86 people were killed in several villages […]

Looming question for Mueller probe: How much to make public?

WASHINGTON: America has waited a year to hear what special counsel Robert Mueller concludes about the 2016 election, meddling by the Russians and most of all what Donald Trump did or didn’t do. But how much the nation will learn about Mueller’s findings is very much an open question. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein may […]

This Coral Must Die – The New York Times

In a lab in Philadelphia, scientists are studying what it takes to kill “super coral” to understand the impact of human activities on the mysterious reefs of the deep ocean. June 25, 2018 In a cold room at Temple University, in landlocked Philadelphia, finger-sized fragments of coral bathe in four small tanks of seawater. The […]

Taliban rejects pleas by Afghan elders for ceasefire extension

KABUL: The Taliban on Monday rejected pleas by Afghan elders and activists for an extension of this month’s ceasefire and said they amounted to a call for surrender to foreign forces. Taliban spokesperson Zabihullah Mujahid dismissed the peace “slogans” and urged civil society activists and others not to join movements he said played into the […]

Divers in Thailand Scour Cave for Missing Soccer Team and Coach

BANGKOK — Rescue workers were searching a large cave network in northern Thailand on Monday in the hopes of finding 12 boys and their soccer coach, who have been missing for two days. Heavy rains have flooded a narrow passage leading into the cave complex, blocking the group’s exit and complicating rescue efforts, officials said. […]

NASA Unveils Program Aimed At Preventing An Asteroid Apocalypse

Asteroids like Oumuamua enter our solar system about once a year. Among Earth’s natural disasters-hurricanes, floods, earthquakes-the one humans probably ponder least is asteroids, huge objects zipping through our solar system at ludicrous speeds. Federal officials call an asteroid or comet collision “low probability but high consequence,” NASA-speak for it will probably never happen, but […]