Does Fidgeting Counter the Harmful Effects of Sitting?

Ask Well Any movement, no matter how slight, counts as physical activity and can be good for your health. CreditiStock Q. Does “moving in place” while seated (for example, flexing or extending feet) count as activity to counteract being sedentary, or does one have to actually stand up or move around, as is currently being […]

Raw Turkey Tied to Salmonella Outbreak in 26 States

A salmonella outbreak connected to raw turkey has affected 90 people in 26 states, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention announced Thursday. At least 40 people have been hospitalized due to the Salmonella outbreak, according to the CDC. There are currently no deaths associated with this outbreak, which began last November. It is unclear […]

Merck to Lower Prices on Some Drugs, but Not its Blockbusters

The drugmaker Merck said Thursday that it would lower prices on several drugs by 10 percent or more, but its rollback affects minor products and would not lower the cost of its top-selling, expensive cancer and diabetes products. The move follows recent announcements by Pfizer and Novartis that they would freeze price increases for the […]

Salmonella Outbreak Linked to Raw Turkey Sickens 90

July 19, 2018 — The CDC and the U.S. Department of Agriculture are warning people to be careful about how they handle and cook raw turkey. Ninety people have gotten sick from raw turkey tainted with salmonella bacteria in 26 states. Forty people have been hospitalized. Some of the affected people reported eating different […]

Is Timing Really Everything?

I have assembled a Time Chart to determine the best times to do certain things during the day, or during one’s life. The chart is based on a series of interdisciplinary studies about time and its improbable effects on decision-making processes, emotional performance, lifestyle choices, sociological trends, and more. The importance of time, in many […]

Saltwater A Lethal Threat to Dogs

July 19, 2017 — For Christopher Taylor, Monday, July 9, was supposed to be a fun day in the sun with his Labrador retriever, O.G. After a day full of classes and studying, Taylor took O.G. to Honeymoon Island, a dog-friendly beach in central Florida. “He was like any other Lab. He loved […]

How Beef Jerky Might Affect the Risk of Mania

Scientists are learning that certain foods — either because of their natural ingredients or because of added chemicals — can have significant effects on health. One way in which food can exert this influence health is through inflammation, which is triggered by the immune system and may have an impact on the risk of developing […]