How to Make a Meal Out of Frozen Cauliflower

Given its mild flavor, cauliflower has a wonderful way of being transformed into a countless array of dishes. That’s why having a bag of frozen cauliflower on hand at all times is smart — when you’re stumped on what to make, those florets will have your back. Here are 10 ways we love to turn […]

The Best Kitchen Gadgets Our Editors Love

When you work for a home-cooking site, there are certain assumptions made about you. One is that you love to cook (which is true for all of us!); the other is that because you love to cook, you must relish every single moment of chopping, peeling, and grating. And to that we say … um, […]

Williams Sonoma New Instant Pot Ingredients and Spices

As if the Instant Pot didn’t already make it super easy (and fun!) to get dinner on the table, there’s something new coming out that will make it all even easier. Williams Sonoma has created the first-ever line of food designed exclusively with Instant Pot. The line? An assortment of bottles — featuring dried spices […]

Lazy Slow Cooker Dinners | Kitchn

During summer I rely on my slow cooker more than ever. It’s a staple during my weekend meal prep sessions, a must for cookouts and BBQs, and, most of all, it’s my secret to the easiest no-prep dinners on the table. To make that happen, it’s all about having the right recipes on your side, […]

Italian Chopped Salad | Skinnytaste

8 Freestyle Points 271 Calories Italian Chopped Salad is my favorite quick lunch I love to whip up with ingredients I usually have on hand in my refrigerator! So simple, and can easily be modified to suit your taste. It’s low-carb (Keto), gluten-free and easy to whip up! I make this so often, especially when […]

Grocery Shopping Like a French Person Is Overrated

Oh, the dream of living in Paris. When I’m vacationing in France I always make sure to stay in an apartment in a real neighborhood away from the selfie-snapping swarms, and every day I wake up to the most pleasurable of questions: What shall I eat today? My first order of business when I arrive […]

Surprising Drawback to Shiplap – Con

Sick of shiplap yet? It’s the little wall siding that could, chugging its way all across America these days. We’ve seen it in kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, and even inside showers. Oh, and it is apparently all over a certain Texas town called Waco — maybe you’ve heard of it? Whether you are a diehard devotee, […]

How To Grill Even Better Asparagus

Asparagus is a vegetable that is transformed by hot-and-fast cooking. It’s why we love roasted and stir-fried asparagus, and why we fall in love each spring with grilled asparagus. Grilling makes asparagus tender while imparting a delightful char and smoky flavor — but to be honest, grilling asparagus can be tricky. Most asparagus is just […]