Frozen Vegetable Shopping Tip – Budget

I love having frozen veggies on hand. It’s an easy way to go an extra day or two before I need to hit the grocery store or turn my leftover lunch into a more substantive meal. Recently, though, I was perusing the frozen veggie aisle at my Harris Teeter, and I noticed something: They have […]

Recipe: Spinach and Blue Cheese Burger

When we hear the word “cheeseburger,” a juicy beef patty with melty American or Cheddar cheese typically comes to mind. But with the incredible variety of cheeses available at the supermarket, why limit ourselves to the classics? This smart recipe takes advantage of Roquefort, a sheep’s milk cheese from the south of France — and […]

Coconut Lime Butter Bars

Coconut Lime Butter Bars have an amazing buttery brown sugar crust with a lime filling and topped with coconut flakes.  These are the perfect cool and creamy summer bars!  We also love these Pineapple Cheesecake Dessert Bars,  Turtle Pecan Bars, or Biscoff Oatmeal Bars as a dessert at our house! Coconut Lime Butter Bars We […]

Joanna Gaines Decorating Tips | Kitchn

We’ve heard a lot of haters complain that Joanna Gaines (the decorator half of Fixer Upper, HGTV’s hit home renovation show based in Waco, Texas) makes every kitchen look the same. While she does have a very specific farmhouse style — with lots of white, shiplap, and oversized clocks — she also has plenty of […]

Weekly Meal Plan #82

Sharing our Weekly Meal Plan with make-ahead tips, freezer instructions, and ways to make supper even easier! Saturday: Creamy Artichoke Chicken  + House Salad + Mama’s Cream Cheese Poundcake (from the Add a Pinch Cookbook) (30 Minutes) Sunday:  Eggplant Parmesan + Zucchini Pasta or Pasta + Arugula Greek Salad (Make Ahead) Monday: Creamy Artichoke Chicken Pasta + Salad (Leftover […]

This YouTuber MacGyvered a Brunch Banquet at a Japanese 7-Eleven

Here at Food52, we’ve been singing the praises of a particular Japanese convenience store for a while now. Look at Nikkitha Bakshani, our Associate Editor, who went to Japan and spent her trip there chasing down the beauty that is 7-Eleven egg salad sandwich. The secret, she says, is the fluffy whipped egg filling. That’s […]

How To Make the Best Lemon Bars

Let’s just get this out of the way — I really love lemon bars. Sure, I love chocolate chip cookies and a very good brownie as much as the next person, but lemon bars light me up like a little kid; their eye-catching brightness and promise of a sweet pucker always reel me in. This […]

Puerto Rican Rice & Beans—By Way Of Hawaii

Soon after I had landed in Puerto Rico, while I was in a car driving past the resort-studded Condado neighborhood of San Juan, I spotted a billboard advertising Goya Sazón—the reddish spice blend essential to the island’s cuisine. To locals, this display might seem mundane; but to me, a person who grew up in Hawaii, […]

Whole Foods Ice Cream Sale – Ben Jerrys Talenti

You’re gonna need a spoon (or some cones), if you plan on hitting Whole Foods this weekend. The grocery chain is having a great sale on ice cream: Starting today, July 13, and running through Sunday, July 15, you can get two pints of either Talenti or Ben & Jerry’s for just $6 — and […]