bitcoin core – Transaction net gain/loss

I have a TXid in my wallet that contains multiple transactions (multiple sends and receives). From what I read these are transactions the network creates facilitate splitting/combining multiple inputs/outputs etc. When I gettransaction in the wallet I have I see gettransaction 3dda59bf9801f88…5498dd7fd1c3f9577963b94 { “amount”: -17.00000000, “fee”: 20.00000000, “details”: [ { “account”: “”, “category”: “send”, “amount”: […]

Transaction Broadcast error zcash – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I can’t broadcast the transaction to the zcash testnet. I will give the entire steps clearly. Could anyone tell me where I am doing wrong.This is my zcash address “tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs”. Private key – “cSwoLKkeHSj3zaKAqiv8DXKXQVm18Ci3vwTvgrtPAS6a2YJ1HeRY” step:1 zcash-cli listunspent 6 9999999 “[“tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs”]” [ { “txid”: “8a1ce0ecc491ba2cb234674662769774ce81e4beaa7a7aff466aa62ea8b8345b”, “vout”: 1, “generated”: false, “address”: “tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs”, “scriptPubKey”: “76a914b1c61a54ae002ef35bf1fcdbdde9ea9e02b486bc88ac”, “amount”: 2.89999774, “confirmations”: […]

altcoin – BTC Core not syncing, maybe becacuse it has zero blocks?

I think I’ve found the answer (but I’m not 100% sure). I had to change this: chainTxData = ChainTxData{ // Data as of block 0000000000000000002d6cca6761c99b3c2e936f9a0e304b7c7651a993f461de (height 506081). // 1521311547, // * UNIX timestamp of last known number of transactions // 0, // * total number of transactions between genesis and that timestamp // // (the […]

Send Ethereum from Smart Contract Addresses

Since 2017 when SpectroCoin began supporting the Ethereum cryptocurrency, our clients have been able to buy and sell or send and receive Ethereum’s native currency called Ether (ETH), using our platform. Now, we are happy to announce that SpectroCoin has started supporting deposits made from Ethereum smart contract addresses. Thus, users can now send ETH […]

Spotlighting the conviction of Palestinian-American charity leaders

Miko Peled concludes his Just World Educational-organized speaking tour later this week (Thurs., 1 PM) at The Jerusalem Fund & Palestine Center in Washington D.C. The tour stretched from Brooklyn to Seattle, highlighting the unjust convictions and draconian sentencing of five Palestinian-American men. Audience at Elliott Bay Book Company The five, who became known as […]

cryptography – BIP32 recommends a 256 bit seed. Why do most Bitcoin wallets only use a 128 bit seed?

Seems like a question best answered by the author(s) of BIP32. Other than that it is the age old question of “how much entropy” do I need?! This is a pretty interesting read re: 128 bits in general. Also as a rule of thumb: when you insert 128 bits of entropy in a system, […]

transactions – P2sh redeem script hash

currently the most use case for P2SH tx are multisig constructions. They usually contain like this: OP_2 <Pubkey1> <Pubkey2> <Pubkey3> OP_3 OP_CHECKMULTISIG This is a 2-of-3 multisig redeemscript, which is then hashed, and returns on mainnet an address starting with “3”. It does not contain the receiver address, it contains the public keys. Looking […]