Is lightning network censorship resistant?

I know this is a hot topic at the moment, and I really don’t want to create some kind of debate here, i’m just interested in if this question is adressed. Any other place where I have spent time, it’s impossible to get any good objective answer to this question because of all the politics. […]

wallet – Seed for bitcoin-core qt

I have a bitcoin core -qt Wallet (on linux). Tell me, can I encrypt it? For example, there is the electrum wallet! It has words for deciphering. For example, i installed the electrum and the phrase was generated. “I’m a fan of the” Knowing this phrase you can install electrum on any computer, and […]

Geth 1.7 – Megara

The Go Ethereum team is proud to announce the next release family of Geth, the first incarnation focusing on laying the groundwork for the upcoming Metropolis hard forks (Byzantium and Constantinople), consisting of 125+ code contributions for various parts of the project. Byzantium fork The current incarnation of Geth contains all the Byzantium EIPs implemented and […]

Statement Objecting To EME as a W3C Recommendation

The Foundation believes Encrypted Media Extensions (EME) should not be published as a W3C Recommendation, and we are now making public the formal objection the Ethereum Foundation submitted to the W3C opposing the recommendation of EME. As a member of the W3C, the Ethereum Foundation contributes to the standards-making process and votes on matters such as the […]

php – does anyone know how to send the “exp” parameter in an Electrum request

I tried modifying the request so it would include a 3600 second expire time. (minutes – 1 hour) as shown in the example it returned an error the parameter was invalid. It shows – but as “null” curl –data-binary ‘{“id”:”curltext”,”method”:”addrequest”,”params”:{“amount”:”3.14″,”exp”:”3600″,”memo”:”test”}}’ {“error”: {“message”: “Invalid parameters.”, “code”: -32602}, “jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “id”: “curltext”}[ This is Electrum client […]

bitcoin core – Aborting/cancelling a transfer transaction

I’m running Bitcoin Core and I’m 7 days behind syncing currently. Last night, I initiated a transfer of some bitcoins to another person (He bought it from me) However, 4 hours later, he closed his account, and hence, the money he paid me was returned to him automatically without my approval. Since that is the […]