doublespend – Does double spending happen at all?

This question is difficult as only the miners can answer it 100% correctly, but let me try: You need to differentiate between: successfull double spendings Double-Spending is not really possible because of the consensus. The miners need to check wheather the bitcoins are still unspent. But: The scenario of a chain-fork (because of a 51% […]

Can miner send garbled block height?

If you look at the changes made to the bitcoin reference implementation with the implementation of BIP 43 (see this commit), you will see that a check has been added to the function ‘AcceptBlock’. With this change, the function is now validating the height against the value taken from the coinbase script of the incoming […]

development – Problem mining Dash clone

First of all I want to clarify that I don’t want to create another dash altcoin clone, I want to understand the code and be able to modify it for educational purposes. I cloned the dash’s code, I removed all hardcoded ips and I removed all checkpoints and leave just one checkpoint (the genesis). I […]

java – Cancel pending transaction (bitcoinj)

I’m using bitcoincashj ( I created a transaction and sent it. But it didn’t broadcasted to network. Can I cancel this transaction? Current wallet status is: { “currentAddr”: “mikpGRFT5aVfFsRyezbUrRdY9Ju8Fu3Wdj”, “balance”: 140523875, “balanceAvailableSpendable”: 140523875, “balanceEstimated”: 5417277385, “balanceEstimatedSpendable”: 5417277385, “balanceBtc”: “1.40523875 BCH”, “balanceEstimatedBtc”: “54.17277385 BCH”, “peersCount”: 2, “transactions”: [ { “txid”: “854a9f0844ace104dbd2011323e48f80ca61436512a9734dd488580c3fcce54a”, “pending”: true, “cached”: false, “coinBase”: […]

bitcoin core – Transaction net gain/loss

I have a TXid in my wallet that contains multiple transactions (multiple sends and receives). From what I read these are transactions the network creates facilitate splitting/combining multiple inputs/outputs etc. When I gettransaction in the wallet I have I see gettransaction 3dda59bf9801f88…5498dd7fd1c3f9577963b94 { “amount”: -17.00000000, “fee”: 20.00000000, “details”: [ { “account”: “”, “category”: “send”, “amount”: […]

Transaction Broadcast error zcash – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I can’t broadcast the transaction to the zcash testnet. I will give the entire steps clearly. Could anyone tell me where I am doing wrong.This is my zcash address “tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs”. Private key – “cSwoLKkeHSj3zaKAqiv8DXKXQVm18Ci3vwTvgrtPAS6a2YJ1HeRY” step:1 zcash-cli listunspent 6 9999999 “[“tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs”]” [ { “txid”: “8a1ce0ecc491ba2cb234674662769774ce81e4beaa7a7aff466aa62ea8b8345b”, “vout”: 1, “generated”: false, “address”: “tmRvLFZ3Lnz9vhd9bG2JuWakYESEi4ukxqs”, “scriptPubKey”: “76a914b1c61a54ae002ef35bf1fcdbdde9ea9e02b486bc88ac”, “amount”: 2.89999774, “confirmations”: […]

altcoin – BTC Core not syncing, maybe becacuse it has zero blocks?

I think I’ve found the answer (but I’m not 100% sure). I had to change this: chainTxData = ChainTxData{ // Data as of block 0000000000000000002d6cca6761c99b3c2e936f9a0e304b7c7651a993f461de (height 506081). // 1521311547, // * UNIX timestamp of last known number of transactions // 0, // * total number of transactions between genesis and that timestamp // // (the […]