bitcoind – json_rpc_call failed – Bitcoin Stack Exchange

I have a little problem with the launch of the software: My blockchain is fully loaded and JSON-RPC also works, since I use it in a PHP script whose code is: <a href=”?api=getblockcount”>getblockcount</a> | <a href=”?api=getdifficulty”>getdifficulty</a> | <?php require_once ‘jsonRPCClient.php’; $bitcoin = new jsonRPCClient(‘http://user:[email protected]:8332/’); switch ($_GET[‘api’]) { case ‘getblockcount’: echo “<pre>n”; $homepage = file_get_contents(‘’); […]

How to create offer using JSON RPC in Ripple

I asked this questions sometimes in November 2016, then I was a newbie to ripple and ripple gateway. So I choose to answer this question for the purpose of those who may like face this same challenge in the future if you are creating offers between two none native currencies this is a good sample […]

micropayments – Wallets that support payment channels?

There are two major issues when it comes to the adoption of payment channels in Bitcoin. Firstly, we have an interoperability issue, where the implementation of payment channels in one wallet may not necessarily be compatible with the implementation of payment channels in another wallet. Even if interoperability is resolved, there is still an issue […]

blockchain – Can*t call chainActive.Tip()->nHeight in core.cpp

I want to call chainActive.Tip()->nHeight in core.cpp. It is not possible, I am interested in every idea. Here is an example : bool GetH() { int nBlockHeight = chainActive.Tip()->nHeight; if(nBlockHeight < FORKX17_Main_Net ) return true; else return false; } } uint256 CBlockHeader::GetHash() const { if (GetH()) { return HashX11(BEGIN(nVersion), END(nNonce)); } else { return […]

website integration – How does a request link work?

It is the same link protocol as http: or ftp: or mailto: or tel: or magnet:, although very less recognised. Official Bitcoin github MediaWiki Link offer its registered users to associate itself(site) to bitcoin: protocol, when user is signed in, and thus he clicks a link with bitcoin protocol, will automatically fill in […]

Python code to (2012) – help me to eliminate the errors

Chech this explanation.. OR TL;DR version Assuming you came accros this site bitcoin-mining-hard-way-algorithms. I’ll show you in C# and you can convert to VB, using the same logic. Here is the deal: All information in a bitcoin block is hexadecimal. So the header you are formming is compounded by: var header = $”{ver}{prev_block}{mrkl_root}{timestamp}{bits}{nonce}”; Let’s calculate […]

address – Why are Bitcoin addresses hashes of public keys?

It’s just to get shorter addresses. Regular public keys are 65 bytes long, which is much too long to be convenient. Compressed public keys are 33 bytes and could potentially be used instead of hashes, though these are a little longer than 20-byte hashes. It also seems likely that Satoshi didn’t know about compressed public […]