Five Recommended Puppy Training Tips

Bringing a new puppy into your home can be an exciting time. There are many things to consider when getting a new puppy, such as what type of food they will eat, when to take them out, and knowing when is the right time to start puppy training. Puppy training is an essential part of […]

Best Jobs for Dog and Cat Lovers

Imagine starting your workday surrounded by dogs and cats. While simultaneously being a part of a team that is driven and motivated to help all pets receive the best veterinary care they can every day. If this sounds like a dream job, we’ve got the scoop on jobs for dog and cat lovers that are […] Contends As DWAA Contest Finalist is a finalist tonight in the Annual Dog Writers Association of America (DWAA) Contest. The site will celebrate its 19th year of publishing in 2019 and has continuously promoted the DWAA organization since its inception. This is the first time the site has entered and been named a DWAA finalist. “ has been digitally […]

Four Winter Pet Hazards to Avoid this Season

Winter is here and pet safety is a top priority. The recent snowstorms, from the polar vortex on the East coast to the self-described “snowpocalypse” on the West Coast, excess snow and icy conditions create snowstorms winter pet hazards that every pet owner should be aware of. During these cooler months, winter-specific illnesses and conditions are […]

Life-Saving Surgery for Quinn – The Trupanion Blog

Quinn’s story began on a typical September morning while out for her morning romp with her dog friends at the local park. That morning, the dogs all congregated in one area of the park. They were eating small pieces of mouldy corn cob left by raccoons. Concerning to any dog owner knowing the dangers of […]

Work for Trupanion: Ten Perks to Join the Team

If you love dogs and cats and are on the horizon for a new career opportunity this New Year, come join our Trupanion team. When you work for Trupanion, you not only get to be surrounded by passionate pet-lovers every day but also get to be at the forefront of an innovative pet-focused industry. Ten […]