Iran Leader Urges UN : worldnews

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Pakistan announces general elections on July 25

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s upcoming general elections for parliament and provincial assemblies will be held on July 25, according to a decree signed by President Mamnoon Hussain on Sunday. The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) in a formal letter last week had proposed the president to grant permission to hold election between July 25 and 27. Sources […]

Focusing on BCH Cashback merchant adoption : btc

I have been listening to some of the /u/DanielKrawisz videos and I think he makes a very good point about merchant adoption. Basically, when you go to a merchant (likely not a cryptocurrency fan) and ask them whether they accept BCH, that signals to them that BCH is something you are willing to exchange for […]

Super Replay – Killer7 Episode 13: Finale – Features

At the end of our Replay Civil War, it all came down to you to choose the next Super Replay! Our Overblood Facebook group ended up choosing two games through a tie: Killer7 and Godhand. You chose well. Killer7 is my favorite game of all time, for reasons I will fully elaborate on in the near future. […]

Exploring The Troubling Consequences – Hollywood Life

‘Hot Felon’ Jeremy Meeks’ pregnant GF Chloe Green was spied vaping on Saturday, prompting us to explore if this is dangerous for her unborn child. Here’s all the EXCLUSIVE details on what we learned. Billionaire heiress Chloe Green, 27, had fans up in arms on Saturday, May 26, when she was photographed vaping while cruising […]