How To Teach Your Dog “no”

Image source : The “No” command is the most often used command you will use when interacting with your dog. It is natural as a puppy is not aware of house rules. It must know that it should not pick things from the street when going on a walk. It will fall sick if […]

Trupanion Expands Medical Insurance Coverage for Baby Pets

Imagine if you could enroll your baby kitten or puppy in medical insurance from birth? We are pleased to announce that medical insurance coverage for baby pets is now available through Trupanion medical insurance. As a pet-industry leader, we want to be able to offer peace of mind. Now we can provide true life-long support […]

Austin Pets Alive! Double FHO for Anessa

January 22, 2019 • Double FHO for Anessa by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Nothing can keep this girl down (besides a mid-day nap)! Our lovely and spirited Anessa wants nothing more than to be able to run around like the young pup she is, but injuries in both of her legs keep […]

Do Dogs Comprehend Time

Image source: Many pet owners claim that their pets can accurately tell the time. This ability shows when it is time for dinner or taking a walk. Your dog instinctively knows your time of coming home from a long day at the office. It may seem to a pet owner that dogs […]

Can Cats Eat Bacon

Image source: Among epicures, bacon occupies a high pedestal. It is described by many as the epitome of perfect food: the smell brings saliva to the mouth and the meat is a heavenly combination of juiciness and crunch. If you love bacon, you may have wondered whether it is okay to offer your cute […]

DoggyRide Dog & Cat Mini Bike Trailer

Pet carriers are more popular than ever and that includes for cats too! Take your furry friend on leisurely trail bike rides with you with the DoggyRide Dog & Cat Mini Bike Trailer.  The UV-resistant mesh keeps the harsh sun away and the rain and wind screen protects from unwelcomed insects. When it’s time for a […]

Tidy Pet Space: How to Declutter Your Home

It’s a new year, so it’s time for a clean home including, a tidy pet space! Do you feel like you are surrounded by clutter, for instance, cat litter, dog fur, or pet toys and clothes that are not being used? By taking the time to declutter your pet space, it can inspire a joyful […]

The Germinder20 Power of Pink Celebration Concludes at VMX2019

Dr. C. Thomas Nelson Final Veterinarian to Receive Honor + Designate Donation to Benefit Ecotourism + Wellness Sharing Stories, Honoree Donations Highlight of the Program Pink it was and how powerful it is. Germinder + Associates, concludes the celebration of its 20th anniversary where it began last year at VMX Meeting & Expo with the […]

A Heartworm Expert, A Community Volunteer, A Visit With Dr. Nelson Part One

Who says all good things must come to an end? C. Thomas Nelson, DVM an American Heartworm Society past president, research chair, community volunteer, outdoorsman, cyclist and former client has been named the final #Germinder20 #PowerofPink Honoree. He has designated his Honoree donation to the Northeast Alabama Bicycle Association (NEABA) Building Fund. He stays active, […]

C. Thomas Nelson, DVM Named Final Germinder20 Power of Pink Honoree

 Heartworm Expert Honored For Leadership Role in Veterinary Medicine and Volunteerism Germinder + Associates has named C. Thomas Nelson, DVM, a past president, executive board member, and research chair of the American Heartworm Society (AHS) as the final Germinder20 Power of Pink Honoree to receive the award. In addition to his decades of commitment to […]