Another Chance for Bear – The Trupanion Blog

Trupanion has given my dog, Bear another chance at life. For the first months of Bear’s life, he was a normal happy puppy and we signed up for Trupanion insurance early on. Then his medical problems began. As time went on Bear started developing problems with his legs. After a long battle of not knowing, […]

Feline Dementia: What You Need to Know

Feline dementia is a rare illness that affects cats older in age. As a cat gets older, their brain starts to diminish and this can affect their everyday activities and abilities. We all want our feline friends to thrive in their golden years, so it is important to be able to spot the signs of […]

Why Your Cat Urinates on Your Bed?

Image Credits: Pixabay Some cat parents discover their beds soaked in cat pee and wish they had picked up a better animal as a pet. Cat urination on their owners’ beds is quite frequent and as expected, could turn out to be a medical problem. The list of other causes includes the said […]