Interactive Map: Claim Rates for Common Pet Poisons

Which state or province ranks highest for pets eating chocolate? Is there any correlation between marijuana toxicity claims and regions where it’s legal? What do Alberta and Massachusetts have in common? Where might we see the highest claim rate for medication toxicity? We wondered these very questions as we entered March, Pet Poison Prevention Awareness […]

Pet Spring Allergies Checklist: What to Look for

The first day of spring is just around the corner, and we’ve got an essential pet spring allergies checklist for the concerned pet owner. While pet allergies are very common and a top concern among pet owners, it can be overwhelming to know exactly what signs to look for. Likewise, we want our pets to […]

Why do Dogs Like Bones

Image Credits: Pixabay Every dog owner must have gazed in wonder at the dog chewing blissfully at its bone. For a canine, nothing can be a better sedative. It is strange that a dog will continue to chew the bone even if there is no meat on the bone. It not only chews […]