The Business of Healing Pets: 5 Lessons for Better Leadership

The Business of Healing Pets, Trupanion’s blog series written by Stith Keiser of Blue Heron Consulting, takes a deep dive into the business side of animal medicine. Look for new installments featuring topics such as business best practices, effective leadership, strategic hiring, and more. 5 Lessons for Better Leadership Thus far in our series, we’ve […]

Five Common Pet Poison Claims

Pet’s are prone to eating things they shouldn’t. As a result, pet toxicity (poison ingestion) is a common occurrence among both cats and dogs. Whether you have a puppy or a senior cat in your household, pet poison claims are on the rise, and you’d be surprised to hear what the most common ingestions are […]

Transgender Dogs

Image Credits: Pixabay When it comes to awareness, a transgender dog does not exist. The main qualification to be a transgender is to make sense of one’s own gender which is not linked to the sex of the body. Canines do not have this awareness. There are many instances, however, when owners have […]