Casey: From Shock to Recovery

I have Trupanion for all three of my dogs. Two out of the three use their insurance on a monthly basis. All have been enrolled since the day we brought them home, so they have no pre-existing conditions. Casey, our 10-year-old Border Terrier, began showing signs of what we thought was a reoccurring back issue […]

Four Easy Steps to Achieve the Ultimate Cat Nap

Saturday, otherwise known as Caturday, is a great way to spend time bonding with our furry friends. Additionally, it is a wonderful opportunity to rest up with a quality cat nap and take some much-needed downtime. Naturally, our feline friends are the champions of cat-napping, so we look to them for inspiration while trying to […]

How many women CEOs has the AVMA had?

The AVMA has had one woman CEO to date. The current CEO, Dr. Janet Donlin, was selected as executive vice president and CEO of the AVMA in 2016. This marked the first time a woman has held the highest staff leadership position in the AVMA since the office was created in 1922. To read the full […]

Foot Pad Pain in Dogs

Image Credits: Pixabay Your dog can suffer from a wide range of foot pad injuries from lacerations to blisters, ulcers, punctures, and burns. You should be aware of the surface on which your dog walks on. Concrete, to give an example, could be rough. It heats up swiftly during hot or warm weather. The foot […]

Why Responsible Dog Breeders are Important

Responsible dog breeders are an essential factor of the pet breeder industry. When you are getting a puppy or kitten from a breeder you want to know that your new pet is healthy and have the peace of mind knowing your pet is coming from a responsible and supportive environment. We sat down with our […]