Symptoms of Heart Attack in Dogs

Image Source: There are several medical conditions that can affect your dog and a heart attack is one of them. Yes, dogs and a lot of other animals are susceptible to heart attacks, especially in the later stages of life. But, how can you know if your dog is having one?Well, that’s what this […]

Taking a Chance on the Unknown for Taeho

To talk about my cat and Trupanion, I have to talk about my dog. Zeus was diagnosed with stomach cancer, and we spent many days both at Animal Clinic and the pet emergency room. We would have done or spent anything for him, just for a chance for him to get better. Unfortunately, it wasn’t […]

Six Reasons Why You Should Match Dog Breed to Lifestyle

The start of a New Year means it’s time to set new goals, jumpstart lifestyle changes, and possibly bring home a new addition to your home. When you first bring home a new dog, it can be exciting, challenging, and a bit overwhelming.  It is important to consider your lifestyle and how a new pup […]