Do Cats Really Hate Water?

Image Source: “Cats hate water!”That’s a statement you’ve likely heard a thousand time and you probably even believe. So, do cats really hate water? Well, the answer to that isn’t a straightforward yes or no. In fact, there are breeds that simply a love water. The Turkish Van cat, for instance, enjoys getting soaked. […]

Five Essential Pet Travel Road Trip Safety Tips

The New Year is here and it’s time to get out and explore the open road with your pet. The open road can come with many new and unpredictable opportunities. We all want to have a safe and fun experience while on the go traveling with our pets. By having some pet travel road trip […]

Austin Pets Alive! LDDS Test for Ava

January 2, 2019 • LDDS Test for Ava by Sara Defibaugh • Posted in: Medical Chip-ins Not only is Ava known for her fun-filled demeanor here at APA!, but her infectious smile, her always wagging nub, and her love for the great outdoors. She’s our spunky senior who we want to see smiling for years […]