The Nocturnal Habits of Cats You Should Know About

Image source: As a pet parent, you hardly get a good snooze at night. You are not alone. Nocturnal cat behavior makes sleeping impossible. Cats are like this for no fault of their own. It’s genetics. The biological clock of your kitty is pushed to “active” all through the night. The instinct appears in […]

What is a Pet Behavioral Program and Does Your Office Need One?

Across the globe, more companies are embracing pet in the workplace policies. We couldn’t be more excited, because we think pets enhance any work environment. Trupanion HQ has more than 325 four-legged friends in office, which is a lot of barking and pet fur around our workspace. When you have so many pets working in one […]

Can senior cats start hating their owners?

Image Source: Older cats are more reclusive. This behavior is a normal byproduct of aging. What bothers you-the owner- that you can distinctly feel your loved kitty moving away from you. It is time to reinforce the bonds which exist between you and your cat. Stately kitty Older cats are more sedate […]