Dyslexia and Entrepreneurialism: Is There a Connection?

Dyslexia is rather common: it is estimated that around 5-10% of individuals are dyslexic. Despite an apparent disability, some are famous, like Tom Cruise or Richard Branson. Obviously, they do not suffer from a lack of intelligence and are, in fact, quite successful in the business world. So what is going on in their brains? […]

McDonald’s Salads May Be Behind a Cyclosporiasis Outbreak

McDonald’s salads may be to blame for a parasitic illness outbreak that has sickened more than 100 people in Illinois and Iowa, according to public health officials. Since mid-May, Illinois alone has seen more than 100 cases of cyclosporiasis, an intestinal illness caused by the parasite cyclospora, according to an announcement from the Illinois Department […]

How To Make the Best Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

Good chocolate ice cream has contrasting allure. It’s rich, cool, and creamy with dark roasted flavors only cocoa can impart. This chocolate ice cream is for the real die-hard chocolate-lovers in the group. It’s sweet and malty, with the tiniest bitter tones to balance that sweetness. Almost right in the middle between dark chocolate and […]

Quick and Easy Sides to Serve on Taco Tuesday

Tuesdays can easily become the best day of the week when there are tacos involved. And dinner is always easier when you know it’s something the whole crew looks forward to. Beyond the signature dish itself, though, it’s nice to have a side dish or two to round out the meal. We rounded up a […]

5 No-Cook Dinners for When It’s Too Hot to Cook

Mid-July can only mean one thing: It’s hot, hot, hot almost everywhere. We’ve seen about 100-degree temperatures at home and are headed to a family vacation in sticky-hot Georgia. As you can imagine, this week’s meal plan is all about keeping cool in the kitchen. Dinners will be all about assembly rather than cooking, and […]

How Busy People Bolster Their Bonds with Their Partners

You have a demanding career that requires a lot of your time and energy. So does your spouse. Maybe one of you—or both—travels for work. Maybe you’re also parents, and you also like to golf, practice yoga, take painting classes or play soccer, which you do separately. It’s cliché, but true: Many days you’re two […]

Skinnytaste Meal Plan (July 16-July 22)

posted July 14, 2018 by Gina A free 7-day flexible meal plan including breakfast, lunch and dinner and a shopping list. All recipes include calories and Weight Watchers Freestyle™ SmartPoints®. Hope everyone’s enjoying the summer! I have friends visiting from out of town, so we’ve been soaking in the beach and ocean as much as […]

Help! My Toddler Dictates My Self Esteem Through Food.

“What did you make for dinner?” “Whole-wheat spaghetti with chicken meatballs and Parm.” “Did he eat?” “Yeah, three bites of frozen waffle and one strawberry. How about yours?” “Gagged her way through one yogurt pouch then threw the homemade mac and cheese on the floor.” The above is a typical text conversation between any number […]

FDA Approves First Drug Meant to Treat Smallpox

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Friday approved the first drug specifically designed to treat smallpox — despite the fact that the disease was officially eradicated in 1980. While the daily threat of smallpox, which is caused by the variola virus, is virtually non-existent, FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb said in a statement that the […]

Frozen Vegetable Shopping Tip – Budget

I love having frozen veggies on hand. It’s an easy way to go an extra day or two before I need to hit the grocery store or turn my leftover lunch into a more substantive meal. Recently, though, I was perusing the frozen veggie aisle at my Harris Teeter, and I noticed something: They have […]